Who is the #LoveUp Foundation?

Our Mission: The LoveUp Foundation will improve the quality of life for children in need by offering assistance, comfort and hope.

Our Vision: All children facing life in the Foster Care System will one day be living in a stable forever home full of love and opportunity.

Our Focus: Being a force for positive change in our community means being focused. We FOCUS on helping and impacting one child at a time.

Our Story

#LoveUp is an accidental movement started by Johnjay Van Es when autocorrect changed his friend, Hall of Fame NFL Super Bowl Quarterback, Kurt Warner’s text from Love It to LoveUp….a phenomenon was born! Check out the video to hear how the story unfolded!

Johnjay and Rich discussed the text on air and thought #LoveUP would be a great way to remind people to pay it forward and spread the love.

The Johnjay and Rich Care for Kids Foundation recently changed their name to The Johnjay & Rich LoveUp Foundation, to support the movement and promote #LoveUp.

Profits from the sales of #LoveUp Shirts support the Foundation Programs:

  • Foster Care Events
  • Children’s Heart Gallery
  • Christmas Wish

Our Programs

LOVEUP Movement & Moments
Johnjay and Rich have been spreading kindness throughout the communities they serve and helping children for 15 years.

We believe every child should know what it is like to go to a ballgame, carve a pumpkin or go to a movie on opening night. Throughout the year the LoveUp Foundation fosters hope by creating special experiences for children living in the foster care system to take part in and know that they are loved.

Heart Gallery
Johnjay and Rich created a new Children’s Heart Gallery in Arizona and launched it with Governor Brewer and other Foster Care Advocates in May of 2014. This moving photographic exhibit showcases children who are in need of a forever home. It is our hope that every child featured on the Heart Gallery will be adopted into a safe and loving home.

Christmas Wish
For more than 15 years Johnjay and Rich have been granting Christmas wishes to children and families in need. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of hope and assistance too make the holidays a bit brighter and to help someone get back on their feet.